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Saturday, April 24, 2010


- Perform on Broadway
- Finish short by 2011 and expand to feature
- a part on 2 established features by end of 2010
- 2 commercial roles by the end of 2010
- A finished demo reel by the end of 2010 (3 more good shorts to add to resume)
- Well known name in Austin acting community by directors/casting directors/agents
- Branch out and hit the New Mexico and Louisiana markets
- Start making connections in LA (Veronica’s promise to start sending me to LA when reel is finished)

- Learn to sing like I was performing on Broadway
- Learn to play the piano
- Learn to tap
- Fulfilling career that parallels acting, provides financial support, sets up a second possible career path and provides fulfillment that I’m making a difference in the world
- Set up retirement plan
- Travel like you’ve never seen! “Where’s Lindsay?”
- Adopt second dog
- Contribute ample time and money to wildlife conservation and pet rescues
- Research these causes around the world
- Teach Bella to urban mush!
- Find my husband and start a family
- Make more friends
- Find time to relax every day and smell the roses that I’m supposed to be smelling
- Sleep less, play more!!
- Enjoy the process of it all!

- 15% body fat; size 4-6
- high quality foods in proper fat/carb/protein proportion
- Muscle up by August 30
- Deadlift: 270lbs
- Clean and Jerk: 145lbs
- Squat Clean: 175 lbs
- Push Press: 100lbs
- Snatch: 145lbs
- Back Squat: 250lbs
- Filthy Fifty: sub 30 min
- Elizabeth: sub 10 min
- Fran: sub 4 min
- Grace: 3 min
- Diane: sub 4 min
- 8 min mile pace
- sub 8 min 2k row

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