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Monday, June 7, 2010

4 week goal update

The last half of the Spartan Challenge has just begun- week 5.  Over these last 2 weeks I have accomplished a few more of my goals, and are on track to attaining the others. 
- PR in clean and jerk @ 115lbs (which I hit 4 weeks ahead of schedule!)
- PR on overhead squat at a surprising 125lbs!
- PR shoulder press at 80#
- PR back squat at 175# (hit my Spartan goal 3 weeks early- woop!)
- I have been running a steady 10 minute mile when taking on multi-mile runs.  I still need to try to get that mile down to 8 minutes. 
- My kipping pullups are looking much stronger, getting more of that push away and not just dropping.  Chest-to-bar is just around the corner.
- Lost 1 % body fat, which is disappointing at first, but most of it was in my legs which is great!  I have also been putting on strength fast which is probably why the body changes are moving very slowly.  It is nearly impossible to workout intensely, put on a lot of muscle mass, and lean out at the same time.  Mainly because your body requires so much protein to feed those muscles.  Crystal and I decided to spend the next 3 weeks taking down the protein and intensity and working on leaning out.  Let's hit some mad results these next 3 weeks!  Shooting for 18 % body fat!

In terms of hitting those career and personal goals.....lets just say it's easier to lost weight.  Yeah.  Sad.

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  1. Keep up the great work, girl!! You are well on your way. :)