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Friday, May 21, 2010

2 Weeks Down: Goal Update

So I set several goals for the 7 week challenge in my fitness life, career, and personal.  We're on the last leg of week 2 and need to check in with myself on how my goals are coming along---

Back Squat: 160lb- 5lb PR! (goal: 175lb)
Shoulder Press: 75lb - 10lb PR! (goal: 85lb)
Mile Time: 10 min - 2 min PR! (goal: 9 min sustainable)
Auditions: 1 television audition (Goal: 2 any audition total)
Concierge: covering Concierge while she's out of town for 10 days (Goal: to assist Concierge full time)
Acting Process: discovered a weakness, rounding out my process to listen more intuitively instead of relying on the intellectual (Goal: discover a new thing about your process)

Made some good progress keeping these short term goals on track, and am further along in some areas than I would have thought. Quite nice. I challenge you to break down all of your goals to a daily or weekly plan so you can stay on track.

Funnily though, the only place I haven't achieved any of my goals is my personal life.  It's surprising how little attention I've given that area of my life.  Why?  Because my goals are to slow down- but as you can see by the goals I have accomplished above, it seems that I have actually sped up.  hmmmm how to do both?


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