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Monday, June 21, 2010

Lindsay's "I'm Going to Hawaii in 9 Weeks So You Better Get Your Ass in Shape Challenge"

The Spartan Challenge is coming to a close in 6 days- it's been a good run.  I have PRed on 5 lifts and lost 1% body fat.
Overhead Squat: 125#
Back Squat: 180#
Shoulder Press: 85#
Clean and Jerk: 115#
Deadlift: 220#
I'm giving one solid muscle up a try at the end of the challenge, and I'm an inch away from the ground on strict handstand pushups.  I will be attempting these once more at the end of the challenge to see if I can accomplish that goal.  I've hit a good portion of my goals (I set about 30) so I consider these past 7 weeks a success!! 
Today I am taking a break and feeding my cravings, because tomorrow I start a new challenge. I will be visiting Hawaii in 8 or 9 weeks, and I am ready to lean out for that beach bum perfect body.  These next weeks will focus on body weight exercise, speed, skill, and less heavy lifting.
New Goals:
drop 5% body fat (down to 15%)
stay consistent with blocks/paleo
5-6 workouts a week
consistent with supplements
accomplish several HSPU
several muscle ups
decrease mile time to solid 9 min mile
perform dips with ease and no shoulder/neck pain
perfect pullups and pushups.
reassess job-find one that helps get me on my feet and build up my savings, even if it isn't the perfect job
research "out of the box" careers for the future (reference Lindsay's list of silly things that make me content)
save money to volunteer for a wildlife organization in another country
two auditions
slow down to enjoy the process, not forgetting to prioritize things that make me content
work with bella to drop 5 lbs, rehab che

Thanks to my team and Coach Crystal for carrying me through my goals!  On to the next!


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