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Saturday, May 8, 2010


So here we start.....the Spartan Challenge...the training that all spartan soldiers must endure....or something like that.

I'm beginning a 7 week intensive challenge with CrossFit Central called the Spartan Challenge and it begins today!!  I will be taking on extra workouts, chronicling a workout journal, keeping a food and sleep log, Zoning/Paleo, compiling before and after photos/body comp, and will be motivated and held accountable by my wonderful coach and awesome teammates!  Below I have listed my specific/attainable/high bar goals for the 7 weeks so y'all can hold me accountable!  I promise to blog about my experience as I take on this journey in my attempt to see intense results in 7 weeks!  Here we go!

- I will lose 5% body fat (+2% per 3 weeks; down to 15-16%)
- I will eat clean 95%, Paleo/Zone 85%
- I will discover a new Paleo recipe each week
- I will perform perfect chest to bar pullups
- I will perform strict handstand pushups
- I will get 1 muscle up
- I will set a personal record in deadlift (goal 220lb)
- I will set a personal record in back squat (goal 175lb)
- I will set a personal record in clean and jerk (goal 105 lb with correct form)
- I will accomplish a sub 7 min Fran!
- I will improve my mile time to 9 min-mile
- I will be consistent daily with supplements


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